Wine Tasting

Cappadocia is a land of vineyards and orchards – the volcanic soil, temperate climate and abundant sunshine offers the perfect conditions for growing many different varieties of grapes. Since ancient times, locals have been cultivating grapes, stomping into juice and fermenting into wine. Many ancient caves and current cave homes still have their rock-cut wine making areas and most locals still use traditional methods to achieve the perfect wine.

The price includes transportation and a guide/translator familiar with the local wine traditions, production and varieties – this is a half-day tour. Our Wine Tasting Tour takes you to the local, ancient sites that are still using traditional methods. You can learn about the techniques local farmers use to grow and harvest their grapes, create their local wine and the importance of wine to the local community. We will have an opportunity to taste many local wine varieties either directly at the farmer’s winery or a local commercial winery – depending on the season. The main harvest time is mid-September to mid-October depending on the weather conditions, however we offer our Wine Tasting tour year-round and include different aspects of the local wine-making process according to the season.

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