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Customized, Individual Tours of Cappadocia
Below are some suggested itineraries – please feel free to email me and let me know what type of Cappadocia experience you are dreaming of…we can work together to create the best itinerary for you.

Private Tours of Cappadocia – single or multiple days
As this region is quite large (more than 250km wide), I have designed a few suggested itineraries based on the most convenient sites to see in each area. Naturally we can adjust these to meet your interests.


Day ONE suggestion

Devrent Valley – offering some of the most unique conical rock formations, with many animal and fantasy shapes created by natural erosion
Zelve Open Air Museum – Rock cut churches and dwellings nestled into the edge of the mountain. Zelve offers more of an adventure than the Goreme Open Air Museum, as many of the caves are now in ruins.
Paşabağ Valley – beautiful, graceful rock formations emerging from the side of the mountain, Pasabag offers fantastic close-up views of impressive natural erosion at work.
Avanos – a little city on the banks of the longest river in Turkey. Avanos is the home to the famous artisan pottery villages. The handcrafts passed from generation to generation, the kick-wheel technique of pottery dates back to ancient Hittite times. Many of the artisan potters recreate the ancient pottery pieces and designs as well as their own family’s signature designs of modern, colorful pottery pieces.
Göreme Open Air Museum – The world-famous site with many rock-cut churches adorned with colorful paintings depicting elaborate scenes from the New Testament.
Uçhisar – this ancient city sits at the top of Cappadocia – with its rock-cut “castle” fortress at the highest point, the ancient village of cave dwellings running down along the sides of the peak and gorgeous vistas in all directions – Uchisar is an impressive mix of ancient dwellings and quaint stone alleys.

Day TWO suggestion

Red Valley (light hiking opportunity) – emerging from Rose Valley, Red Valley’s rock formations offer rich hues, unique shapes and many walking trails for all fitness levels.
Cavusin Village – this ancient village sits at the base of Rose and Red Valleys and offers unique ancient city dwellings and a mix of local life at the base of the ancient ruins.
Cavusin Church – A very rarely visited 9th century church very close to the village center housing beautiful late byzantium frescoes.
Ozkonak Underground City – The least-visited underground city in Cappadocia, found accidentally while a villager was irrigating his vineyard. Currently four floors of this underground city have been excavated, however there are at least 10 floors in this complex which was able to house up to 60,000 people for up to several months.

Day THREE suggestion

Derinkuyu Underground City – the deepest excavated underground city, Derinkuyu is popular with the more adventurous travelers as there are more narrow passageways and tunnels to experience.
Nar Crater Lake – A small crater lake rich with thermal waters and a panaromic photo point.
Ihlara Valley (hiking opportunity) – This canyon is set deep into the land with soaring rock walls and a pleasant walking trail along the river. With abundant rock-cut cave churches and quaint villages at each end, Ihlara Valley offers a completely different landscape experience from the center area of Cappadocia.
Selime Monastery – The 13th Century monastery rises above the hills overlooking the valley and offers amazing vistas and ancient rooms carved by monks.

Day FOUR suggestion

Soganli Valley (light hiking opportunity) – this serene valley offers beautiful dovecotes (pigeon houses) and abundant ancient churches set in a quiet valley with a quaint village.
Sobessos – currently an excavation site of Roman ruins with baths, tombs and mosaics
Taskinpasa Village– This small village offers unique ruins of the Medrese, built by the Karamanids in the 14th century.
Ayvalı Village– Another quaint village nestled into the hills surrounding Gomeda Valley.
Sinasos (Mustafapaşa) – The village of Mustafapasa was inhabited by Greek residents during Ottoman times and is famous for the Greek architecture, old Orthodox churches and the stunning Gomeda Valley nearby.
Our Customized Tour day rate is 135-140 Euros per person, per day (based on 2 people). The single rate is 160 Euros per day. This rate includes full-day private tour, highly experienced professionally-licensed English-speaking tour guide*, a’la carte lunch, transportation with a custom made minivan and driver, entrance fees and all taxes.
Above are just a few of the suggested itineraries I can create for you. Please let me know what interests you have and we can personalize your Cappadocia experience. Please send me an email and we can work together from there.

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