Hidden Cappadocia Tour

Hidden Cappadocia Tour takes you away from the usual touristic places to give you a taste of authentic Turkey. The tour includes:

The old Greek town of Mustafapasa, famous for its beautiful architecture. It used to be the wealthiest Greek town in Cappadocia until the 1924 population exchange between Turkey and Greece.

Keslik Monastery, where you can see the living quarters, churches, winery and refectory. One of the churches has more traditional frescoes while the other presents more rare iconoclastic examples of Cappadocia frescoes.

Sobessos Excavation site boasting some beautiful ancient Roman mosaics unusual in Cappadocia.

Soğanlı Valley. Soğanli was once the third largest monastic center in the area and hosts many cave churches and a beautiful hiking valley.

Kaymaklı Underground City which was used by the local people as a hiding place in times of enemy attacks.

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