Deluxe Balloon Flight

We also offer Deluxe Balloon Flights for our guests who wish to have a once-in-a-lifetime balloon experience in Cappadocia.

Our fully private flight is just for you and the pilot – usually 2 passengers and the pilot, the Deluxe Balloon Flight provides the perfect flight experience for couples, newlyweds, marriage proposals in the air, special anniversaries, photographers and anyone who likes to treat themselves to an amazing adventure.

The Deluxe Flight begins about one hour before sunrise with a private pick-up at your area hotel. We will drive to the take-off location and begin the balloon inflation. Once the balloon is vertical you will receive the full instructions from your pilot including safety briefing and landing instructions…and then you’re off! For one hour and 30 minutes you and your special someone will glide among rock formations, over vineyards, orchards and ancient cities. After the balloon flight ends we will celebrate with a champagne toast, in the tradition of the first balloon flights by the Montgolfier Brothers in France, in 1873. Then we will prepare a special private picnic for the two of you and after return to your hotel.

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