Comfort Balloon Flight

The Comfort Flight is perfect for our guests who wish to have a longer balloon flight time with a smaller basket and fewer passengers. The Deluxe Balloon flight offers a one-hour and 30 minutes flying time and 8-12 passengers (plus the pilot).
With the longer flight time and smaller balloon, your pilot will be able to explore more valleys, ancient cities and plateaus. Ideal for photographers and those who enjoy the serene experience of floating among the hills, canyons and ancient cities of Cappadocia.

The pick-up time will be the same for the regular flights – about one hour before sunrise. Once we arrive at the take-off location, the inflation process begins… A wonderful photo opportunity with the dark skies and bright flames from the burners slowly lifting the balloon into the morning air. Once the balloon is vertical, you will get your flight information, safety briefing and landing instructions from your English-speaking pilot and then it’s time to take off. The gentle gliding motion of the balloon is very soothing as you take in the impressive sights around you. After the one-and-a-half hour balloon flight, we will celebrate our return to the ground with a glass of local champagne. The champagne toast has been the traditional way of finishing the hot air balloon flight since the Montgolfier Brothers first flight in France in 1873. Fruit juice is also available for those who do not drink alcohol.

Comfort Hot Air balloon flight is operated with 8-16 passenger basket balloons and for 1,5 hours.

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