Cappadocia Winter Sports

Mount Erciyes is an often overlooked and underrated feature of Cappadocia, even though it is an integral part of its history. After all, Erciyes used to be an active volcano partly responsible for Capapdocia's unique landscape.

These days Erciyes offers great winter sports opportunites. Detachable/Doble speed chair lifts equipped with the lates tecnology in compliace with the international standarts will carry you to very exciting places and World on Mt Erciyes. You will not only find the possibility of watching (experiencing) an unbeliavable panorama while sitting on chair lifts which have 26.750 people carriage capacity per hour but also you will discover the endemic plants of Erciyes which can be vegetated on only this mountain. You will make a comfortable journey with your family in “Gondolas” at Hacılar Kapı and Tekir Kapı gates, and will be able to have a rest with hot drinks at facilities. Erciyes will be a shelter for you to escape from the city life to enjoy a nice day with your family. Erciyes Ski Resort keeps the slopes safety at the top level with its 25 ski patrols in 34 different slopes on the the mountain. Ski Patrol team coordinatedly provide the safety of the slopes, patrol consistantly at slopes, helps injured people and take them to first aid centers.

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