Express Cappadocia Tour

This is a half-day tour for a quick acquaintance with Cappadocia. You can see a beautiful panorama, underground city, pottery workshop, rock villages and churches, as well as fairy chimneys. Cappadocia Express tour includes:

Esentepe Panorama offering a fantastic view of the Rose Valley, Uçhisar Castle, Bozdağ mountain and Göreme Valley.

Çavuşin, an old Greek village abandoned by its people in 1924. Here we can walk through the old cave dwellings, see the frescoes in the early Christian cave churches, and admire some of the examples of Rum architecture.

Özkonak Underground City was discovered very recently, in 1972, by a local farmer. It consists of a multitude of caves connected by tunnels. What makes Özkonak different from other underground cities is that people on all of its 10 levels were able to communicate with each other via a system of vents.

Monks Valley, where you can walk among the giant rock columns topped with conical rock caps. Looking at them is difficult to believe that they were created solely by the forces of nature, such as water and wind. Here you can take a lot of memorable pictures and also try the famous Turkish ice-cream with mastic.

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